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Are You A Drama Queen?!

I just bumped with one of H. Becker book. and I indeed in love to answer all the questions.Walaupun soalan ni agak childish. since it is actually for school kids.but at least you can get know yourself better.
kan? :)

So, If you think of doing things that you need are:

1. a pair of ovary! haha (which means kau perempuan! haha kalau lelaki err i advise you to make your own quiz hihi tak faham ke name pun drama QUEEN bukan KING! -.-' btw, kenape KING itu refering to lelaki? perempuan tak boleh jadik king ke -.-''' okay lain cerite!)

2. a small piece of paper yang da buruk buruk pun takpe. sebab nanti buang jugak. kertas yang boleh gune lagi dalam bakul sampah pun boleh ameek. sebab kite support kempen hijau. hihi time to learn how to live green okayy!

3. a pencil because at the end you have to calculate your own score. unless you are the genius maths! haha ala simple maths pun actually aku tak suke maths pun boleh kire gune otak hihi. kalau malas sangat carik lah calculator mane mane.

4. and a spirit of happiness! hihi buat enjoy enjoy dan gembira gembira haha.

5. and and honesty! hihi jangan dok pikiaq lame pulak taw nanti ade kes penipuan hihi.

Lets do the quiz below to know how drama queen you are!
(which I stole from my youngest sister's Quiz book for Girls. Bhaha!)
simbol *?!* tanda teruja dan semangat taww! :)

Okay sayangs,
On Your Mark-Get Set-Go!!!
Lari, Lari, Lari! hihi.

1. You broke a nail. What do you do?

a. Scream, cry, rant
b. Stop what you are doing and go fix it. You can't possibly be seen with that horror!
c. Bite off the ragged edge and get on with what you were doing.

2. Your best friend likes the same boy you do. You ...
a. never speak to her again.
b. get in a huge fight and draww all your other friends into whose side they are on.
c. laugh about it - he doesn't notice either one of you!

3. You have a test coming up in science. The night before, you ...

a. study and kick back for a while - you are relaxed and confident.
b. stay up late studying - you get really, really nervous before the tests!
c. panic and freak out - you HAVE to get a good grade on this test or else your life will be over!

4. Two of your friends are in fight. You ...

a. steer clear - they'll work things out between themselves.
b. get the low-down from both of them - you have to know what's going on all the time!
c. shuttle back and forth between them, telling one what the other has said.

5. You've just seen a really sad movie. What happens next?
a. You get totally involved in the story. It upsets you so much, you can't sleep or you have nightmares.
b.You feel sad for a while but then get over it and move on.
c. You call up your friends and tell them how AWFUL you feel after watching such a HEARTBREAKING movie.

6. Which career sounds like it wouls suit you best?
a. EMT or ambulance driver - you thrive on action.
b. Movie star.
c. Clown.

7. Which shoes suit the inner you the best?

a. Super high heels - high fashion all the way!
b. Running shoes.
c. Flip-flops.

8. You've been chosen class valedictorian (the student with the highest grades in graduating class)! You ...

a. scream at the top of your lungs and jump and down.
b. smile and blush.
c. feel a nice warm glow wash through you.

9. You've been invited to a party that you are really want to attend, but your parents have said you can't go! You ...
a. scream, throw things and slam doors.
b. try to explain to them why the party means so much to you.
c. scream, throw things, slam doors ANDyou complain bitterly to all your friends about how horrible your life is and that your parents are the worst in the whole world.
10. Your everyday mood is ...
a. totally unpredictable! You're all over the map - up, down, you name it!
b. generally happy.
c. generally pessimistic.

Now. Calculate your score:

1. a-5 b-3 c-1
2. a-4 b-5 c-1
3. a-1 b-3 c-5
4. a-1 b-3 c-5
5. a-3 b-1 c-4
6. a-3 b-4 c-2
7. a-5 b-2 c-1
8. a-5 b-2 c-1
9. a-3 b-1 c-5
10.a-5 b-1 c-3

You are:


You are easy-going and take most life events in stride. nothing really ruffles your feathers, for good or bad. Sometimes, you even wonder what all the fuss is about!



You are a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Sometimes, you're just a kid who likes to hang out with your family and play with your stuffies. But other times, you're can- do girl who wants to step out and own the spotlight! One second, you can feel calm, cool and collected, but then SNAP! You get spinny and feel completely out of control of your emotions. In other words, you are perfectly normal.


You feel things intensely and people around you know it! Your enthusiastic response to everything that happens in your life makes you exciting and fun to be with.


You live life at the highest levels of intensity. Yes, you ARE a total drama queen. That means that for you, life is never, ever boring. But at the same time, your passionate nature can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. Don't forget to take time to smell the flowers to keep yourself calm and centred. That way, you can enjoy the excitement of being in the limelight without burning yourself out.

dan sesungguhnya.

im a drama queen! haha.
tak pasal lah aku letak course seni halus(pengarahan dan lakonan)
untuk third choice USM kan.

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