Sunday, February 12, 2012


He is My Super Hero. Super Man. Super Baby Boy. Awesome creature everr! He bucked my days with various of colours and happiness. Made me laugh and smile always. and tickled my desirableness to be a mother!  haha overr kan. hihi.

He is Isyad. Muhammad Azisyad bin Azreen. (Uncle Azreen, Im sorry if I spell your name wrongly. hihi)  Oh well. Remember I told you people before about him? Did I? or No, I Didn't? 

Let make it short. After I finished my matriculation program I spent my time as a baby sitter. and he is the luckiest person in the world to have me as the baby-sitter hahaha. Ceeewaaaaaa! hihi. Sebenarnya tolong ibu je kan jage syafiqah oii. haha. somehow bile I da pandai. My mom let me do the bath thingy pakai drypers semua bagi makan. tidur kan die. Only then I declared myself as a baby-sitter yang bertauliah haha!

Isyad ni anak Uncle Azreen and Auntie Sal, my neighbour. Since their maid had problems with passport and what so ever jadi bertemulah jodoh antara Nur Syafiqah dan Muhammad Azisyad. Makanya makan nasi minyak lah para kerabat keluarga mereka. Akhirnya berbahagialah mereka. Bhahaha okay merapu. masa tu he is only at the age of 10 months. saya jaga dia for about 3 months ke four months. 

Sekarang da besar. haha da setahun 7 bulan da. and his maid has returned back! ish! haha should be happy or tak? haha confused! and now. He is officially my model for my photo assignment. haha. thanks sayang!
M-M-Muuuaaaaaaah sikit <3 hihi.

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