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Yeah, Ladies and Gentlemen, Topic of the Day is PMS. You know what is PMS? If you are/were Biology student you might know what the tutt PMS is. or even you have read it somewhere it would be bonus to you as you dont have to crack your head to think what PMS is and how 'critical' it is among the ladies/girls/woman. okay PMS stands for pre-menstrual syndrome. atau lebih senang nak faham dalam bahasa Melayu. Sindrom Sindrom Sebelum Haid. I believe some of you dont know what this term is or you dont use this term eventhough you girls are facing it. Err i think it would be better if you girls dont know the term cause some people take it for granted haha (akulah tu) macam 'weh faham lah sikit aku PMS ni' hahaha okay sangat buruk perangai.

okay okay people PMS refers to A SET of physical, behavioral, or emotional symptoms that tend to:

•Start during the second half of the menstrual cycle (14 days or more after the first day of your last menstrual period)

kiranya kalau kau kena period 1 haribulan. PMS akan muncul lepas 14 hari kau kena period hari pertama. Kiranya sebelum kau kena period lagi.

•Go away 4 - 7 days after a menstrual period ends (during the first half of the menstrual cycle)

PMS akan habis lepas kau habis period hari ke 4 hingga 7. kiranya eventhough kau masih period hari yang ke-8,9,10 dah tak adelah PMS in most cases. Kalau bad mood jugak kau bagi je penumbuk satu.

The most common physical symptoms include:

•Abdominal fullness, feeling gaseous

•Bloating of the abdomen

•Breast tenderness


•Constipation or diarrhea

Food cravings


Less tolerance for noises and lights


Difficulty concentrating


•Feelings of sadness or hopelessness

•Feelings of tension, anxiety, or edginess


Irritable, hostile, or aggressive behavior, with outbursts of anger toward self or others

•Loss of sex drive (may be increased in some women)

Mood swings

•Poor judgment

Poor self-image, feelings of guilt, or increased fears

•Sleep problems (sleeping too much or too little)

•Slow, sluggish, lethargic movement

okay kadang kadang kalau ada kawan perempuan korang yang macam ni:

'I nak deactivate Fb nanti esok esok I on lah balik'

'dah malas nak blog.chaou.'

dan bermacam macam lagi. Itu PMS lah tu. hahaha.

PMS ni lain orang lain gaya. Ada kawan aku kena senggugut kuat sangat. pening kepala. asyik terbaring atas katil. bau minyak angin kuat satu bilik. more to physical. kalau aku more to emotion. yang italic italic tu akulah tu. hahaha menangis secare tibe tibe phwwwwiiuhhh mood swings. asyik nak marah. nak orang lain faham tanpa dibagitahu. rasa down to the earth. MAKAN BANYAK. hahaha kesimpulannya EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL.

Ways to control PMS:

•Drink plenty of fluids (water or juice, not soft drinks or other beverages with caffeine) to help reduce bloating, fluid retention, and other symptoms.

•Eat frequent, small meals. Leave no more than 3 hours between snacks, and avoid overeating.

•Take nutritional supplements. Vitamin B6, calcium, and magnesium are commonly used. Tryptophan, which is found in dairy products, may also be helpful.

•Eat a low-salt diet and avoid simple sugars, caffeine, and alcohol.

•Get regular aerobic exercise throughout the month to help reduce the severity of PMS symptoms.

•Try changing your nighttime sleep habits before taking drugs for insomnia.

kadang-kandang antidepressant sangat membantu. (jika terlampau lah ya)

kalau nak lebih faham. Now, I let Maria Eleena to explain further:)

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